A Fun Approach to Building a Culture of Learning

A company-facing podcast produced and hosted by L2R 


According to LinkedIn’s “2023 Workplace Learning Report,”  investing in employee training is a top priority in many organizations. However, according to a recent Gartner survey, 75% of senior managers at organizations are dissatisfied with their L&D initiatives. Why aren’t these investments yielding the desired results?

Learning – or, more importantly, a “culture of learning” – requires a commitment from leaders, clear communication and expectations, and various learning resources and opportunities for employees. It is precisely why we’ve developed the Talent Show, a fun and engaging company-facing podcast that shines a light on the fascinating journeys of people at all levels of the organization: their “hidden” and perhaps not-so-hidden talents and their relatable paths of discovery, learning and growth.      


The Talent Show: Adding Entertainment Value to Learning and Upskilling

When most people think of podcasts, they think of public-facing conversations. Few think of them — let alone use them — to communicate with and engage their workforce around a host of timely and vital issues: new company initiatives, major “change events,” inclusion and belonging, balancing work/life, learning/upskilling for career advancement, etc.  

The Talent Show is a structured yet customizable company-facing podcast format – produced and hosted by L2R – that trains a spotlight on an organization’s talent: the people at all levels of the organization that makes it go. We will begin by asking the featured guest to share a ”hidden” talent, which could be anything from artistic ability to something completely silly. We will ask when they first discovered this particular talent and about a talent they would most like to have. We then pivot to ask the guest about their work, what it takes to do it at the highest level, how they’ve grown since joining the company, and what tools they’ve used to further their growth and advancement.

The idea is to help drive learning cultures by showcasing a cross-section of co-workers and giving them an opportunity to tell their relatable and, in many cases, entertaining and funny stories while sharing what tools and resources they’ve used to develop their skills and build “equity” in their careers.  


Turnkey Production from L2R


The Talent Show is produced and hosted by L2R’s Charles Epstein, a popular HR and business podcaster whose podcasts include: Workspan (sponsored by WorldatWork), the Public Eye (for the Public Sector HR Association), the EAPA Podcast (for the Employee Assistance Professionals Association), Staffing in Sync (for Essential StaffCare), and NSFW.

Contact us at talentshow@leads2results.tech to learn more.