Building a Culture of Belonging & Learning

A company-facing podcast that shines a light on the hidden or little-known talent of the people you work with…and their relatable paths of discovery, learning, mastery and growth.

By day, Kristin is Practice Leader and Senior Recruiter for the Duffy Group, a global recruitment firm that works with corporations to help them find the right talent.  After work, Kristin bakes and sells a delicious assortment of cookies under the name Peekaboo Cookies. We talk about her passion for baking, when she first discovered this passion/talent, and where she finds inspiration for inventing new and ever more delicious cookies. We then discuss how her baking informs her work with the Duffy Group, the learning and development tools/resources they make available and the support they provide that make her so good at what she does…and what makes Duffy such a great place to work. 

David Kitchen is the Human Resources Manager for Lehi City, the sixth oldest and 11th largest city in Utah. When he’s not in his office attending to the diverse HR needs of Lehi City’s 925 employees, David enjoys solving puzzles –  elaborate, very challenging puzzles that can take him up to 40 non-consecutive hours to solve. We discuss what it takes to become adept at puzzle-solving, the skills he’s acquired in the 10 years he’s been with Lehi City, the importance of mentorship, and how they all have made him a more effective HR leader. He also shares with us the one superpower he’d like to have.  

Jennifer Fairweather is Chief Human Resources Officer for Jefferson County, located in Golden, Colorado. She is a founding partner for Dwenimen Leadership Consulting and is an Affiliate Professor with Regis University where she facilitates undergraduate and graduate courses for the College of Business and Economics. When she is not attending to Jefferson County’s HR needs, providing leadership counseling, or teaching, she plays the piano…and as the passage that begins this segment illustrates, she is quite an accomplished player.   

Turnkey Production from L2R

The Talent Show helps drive learning cultures by showcasing a cross-section of co-workers and giving them an opportunity to tell their relatable and entertaining stories while sharing the support they’ve received to develop their skills and build “equity” in their careers. It’s also a powerful onboarding tool, providing new hires with fun and revealing introductions to their team members – and shows job candidates the kind of company you are, the extraordinary range of your people, and the freedom they have to bring their authentic, best selves to work. 

The Talent Show is produced and hosted by L2R’s Charles Epstein,  whose podcasts include: Workspan (sponsored by WorldatWork), the Public Eye (for the Public Sector HR Association), the EAPA Podcast (for the Employee Assistance Professionals Association), Staffing in Sync (for Essential StaffCare), and NSFW.