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The HR Roadshow is a weekly podcast that takes listeners on virtual road trips across the country to meet HR innovators, practitioners and influencers where they live and work. Think of it as Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives – where Guy Fieri road trips across the country to check out classic greasy spoons – but focused on HR.

We will discuss corporate culture and the characteristics that define it; we will also discuss characteristics of the broader culture – the food/landmarks/sports teams that define the city/marketplace and, in significant measure, define each guest as well.   

The Itinerary

The shows will be produced around regional HR events across 2023 – as well as several of the industry’s “signature” shows in Orlando, Vegas and points in between. In the lead up to each show, we will interview guests planning to attend (senior HR), exhibit (tech vendors) or cover the show (influencers). Shows to include the following:



Listeners planning to attend will get a sneak preview of what the show will offer – what they’re looking forward to hearing and seeing at the show and experiencing in the host city. Fellow HR professionals will be brought “up close and personal” with colleagues doing innovative work from less “mainstream” locations. We will discuss the future of work with a “moveable feast” of industry-leading tech vendors, analysts and influencers.  

The Format

Each 30-minute podcast will feature an HR practitioner, tech vendor, analyst or influencer. 

They are recorded over Zoom; guests receive transcripts. 

Streamed over Apple Podcasts and Spotify.  



L2R’s Larry “@Chief_Connector” Cummings will be our “Roadshow Correspondent” reporting on location. His concierge duties afford valuable insight about what happens backstage.

The HR Roadshow will be hosted by L2R co-founder and popular HR podcaster, Charles Epstein, who is the host of WorldatWork’s Workspan Podcast, Staffing in Sync, the Public Eye Podcast (for the Public Sector HR Association), the EAPA Podcast. L2R will produce the HR Roadshow: Destinations in HR Innovation series.

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