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Monitor quantitative and qualitative cues in the flow of daily leader-team interactions, revealing levels of engagement, inclusion, and motivation.

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Persistent analysis of employee sentiment captured in the flow of work that informs leader-team interactions and improves workforce outcomes.

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Team-building technology that consistently reinforces positive behaviors (affirmations in the flow of work), creating/sustaining an “all-in” team culture.

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Integrated “Listen, Learn, Lead” TeamTech Solutions

Improving team leadership is the shortest – and surest – path to retaining talent and building sustainable, high-performance business cultures

Fine-Tuning Team Leadership

It’s no secret what’s been keeping business executives up at night: how to retain their top talent as the Great Resignation claims more of their prized employees every day.

But it’s not just employee flight that’s the problem – it’s rising levels of presenteeism and employees who “silently quit.”   

“People don’t leave jobs; they leave managers.” Improving team leadership is a potent “force multiplier,” having a direct positive bearing on all the elements that influence workforce engagement, readiness, initiative, job satisfaction.  In today’s remote/hybrid environment, most work is done by teams.  Our integrated TeamTech solution demonstrably improves team dynamics and performance via a unique and powerful “listen, learn, lead” approach.  

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In a recent WTW survey, 9 in 10 employers identified “enhancing the employee experience as a top organizational priority – which begins with more engaged, connected, responsive leaders who encourage collaboration and professional/personal growth, and combine flexibility with accountability.”  

Program Components



Solution Stack


  • Self-reported (surveys, exit interviews)

  • Limited, Static, Intermittent 

  • Employee sentiment captured in the flow of work

  • Transparent, Dynamic, Persistent

  • Organizational Network Analysis

  • Employee Sentiment Analysis

  • Team Process Monitoring


  •  Inherent limitations of "inputs" based on self-reporting  

  • Longer leadtime between "inputs,"  learning and application 

  • Based on more reliable and revealing "inputs" 

  •  Persistent, real-time  

  • "Nudges" in the flow of work to improve team-based and individual behaviors and outcomes

  • AI-driven Coaching and Mentoring

  • Competency Index (individual & team)

  • "Smart" Career Pathing


  •  Top-Down

  •  Onsite, limited visibility into remote/hybrid workforce

  • Responsive 

  • Collaborative

  • Agile

  • Recognition and Rewards

  • Leader/Team Well-being Index

  • Belonging Index

  • Talent Marketplace

All components are customizable. 

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“Team learning is vital because teams, not individuals, are the fundamental learning unit in modern organizations. This is where ‘the rubber meets the road’; unless teams can learn, the organization cannot learn.”

Mckinsey & Company

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For too long, workplace friendships have been left to chance. Yet the research is clear: feeling connected to our colleagues elevates productivity, reduces turnover, and fosters better teamwork.

Ron Friedman, PhD, is an award-winning psychologist and the founder of ignite80, a learning and development company that teaches leaders science-based strategies for building high-performing teams.

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It’s easy to place the blame for quiet quitting on unmotivated workers...but research is telling us to look within and recognize that individuals want to give their energy, creativity, time, and enthusiasm to the organizations and leaders that deserve it.

Joseph Folkman is the president of Zenger/Folkman, a leadership development consultancy.

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The TeamTech Team

L2R leads and manages the TeamTech “collective,” each vendor a technology leader in its respective category:


ZL Technologies: harnesses digital communication data to surface insights into the human side of the company.

Listening and Learning

Humaxa: employee experience platform, powered by an AI Assistant that learns and motivates positive behaviors.

loopingback.AI: two-way asynchronous video for team  engagement and learning.

Learning and Leading

Zigtal: team-based coaching/mentoring platform that promotes learning, professional/personal growth, engagement.

Saberr: Leadership development and team effectiveness programs that blend experiential and digital to change mindsets and improve performance

Integrated into your tech stack or within PeopleSpheres’ integration hub, which promotes team/organizational agility by connecting all your HR apps to perform all your tasks on a single platform.