The HR AI “Actionable Insight” Channel

Actionable Insight on HR AI for CHROs, CFOs, HR Tech Vendors

Welcome to AI Squared, the HR AI Actionable Insight Channel, the go-to source for navigating the intersection of Human Resources and Artificial Intelligence.

Our goal is to provide awareness and insights into the effective, responsible, and ethical use of AI throughout the talent lifecycle, from recruitment marketing to offboarding, enabling solution providers, CHROs, CFOs and others to mitigate risk while optimizing talent-related processes and decisions.

 Channel Components

  • Panelcast (monthly) featuring a cross-section of the most respected minds in the field of AI, Worktech, as well as forward-thinking business leaders. 
  • Interactive sub-channels that give talent leaders and HR Tech solution providers a critical lens into specific issues, challenges and opportunities presented by AI. 
  • HR AI Audits: use cases that demonstrate the value of AI audits in promoting compliant, responsible, business-ready solutions. 

We will delve into the latest technological advancements, providing clear and accessible insights that bridge the gap between cutting-edge technology and practical applications. We will equip you with the knowledge needed to make informed decisions, foster innovation, and stay ahead in an ever-evolving HR AI  landscape.

Topics Covered

Our panelcasts and interactive sub-channels will focus on the following cutting-edge topics:  

Responsible AI in HR. We will explore use cases, solutions, and best practices, including how to build and implement AI responsibly and ethically. Responsible and ethical AI is becoming one of the vital topics affecting talent leaders today. When every provider claims to have AI in their solution, decision makers need to know who they can trust to mitigate bias and decrease their risk exposure: financially and reputationally.  

  • AI Ethics
  • AI Audit Compliance (Bias, Discrimination, Fairness, Transparency)
  • Privacy and Cybersecurity
  • Risk (Financial, Legal, Reputational)
  • Vendor and Partner Considerations


AI-Driven Transformation. We will cover AI tactics and strategies that organizations must consider as they embark on a transformation beyond the scale and scope of any prior change initiative. Topics will include: 

  • Change Enablement
  • Skills-based Hiring and Skills Intelligence
  • Reskilling and Upskilling
  • Talent (Lifecycle) Intelligence
  • (Extended) Workforce Ecosystems
  • Strategic Workforce Planning and Work Redesign
  • Collective Intelligence and Innovation


Hiring for Potential. Traditional hiring processes are either ineffective or outright broken at many organizations. When AI can handle even more tasks, and static resumes are less relied upon, what will hiring teams be looking for? We will explore new approaches to assessing someone’s potential to succeed in a new role, at their current or future company.

  • (Human) Skills of the Future
  • Behavioral Assessments
  • Interview Intelligence
  • Neurodiversity and Hidden Talent Pools
  • Quality of Hire

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About Us

Larry Cummings. L2R Co-Founder. Widely known in the HR industry as @Chief_Connector for his role in vetting and aligning best-of-class vendors around shared values and common business goals. He leverages his extensive vendor, influencer, and purchaser network to create targeted and successful influence marketing programs. 

Charles Epstein. L2R Co-Founder. Provides business development and marketing consultation to tech companies specializing in workplace and behavioral health/wellness. He is the host/co-host of several popular podcasts, including Workspan (for WorldatWork) and the Public Eye, a podcast sponsored by the Public Sector HR Association (PSHRA). 

Bob Pulver. Founder