insights into the “CFO Mindset,” enabling CHROs and HR Tech vendors to deliver optimal value to the organization.

The shortest path to sales is through the CFO. 

The CFO Channel is a multi-pronged forum centered on a monthly panelcast and other interactive sub-channels that gives CHROs and HR Tech vendors insights into the issues that keep CFOs up at night – and what CHROs and HR Tech vendors need to do to help solve these issues, make common cause with their counterparts in finance, and become essential drivers of organizational growth. 

The CFO Mindset

The CFO mindset values precision,  accountability, and strategy. It emphasizes partnerships, digital transformation, human capital, adaptation, retention, learning, culture, succession planning, hybrid work, presenteeism, skills, wellness, sustainability, inclusivity, total rewards, early integration, and accountability that gets to exactness.

Monthly Panelcast

Each month’s “panelcast” will feature a leading CFO – or two – on a panel with one or two HR Tech vendors from the HRTA community. Topics to include:

  • Building a Strong CFO-HR Relationship
  • The CFO’s Role in Driving Digital Transformation 
  • Finance + HR = ROI on Human Capital
  • The Evolution of the CFO Role
  • The CFO’s Perspective on Retention

CFO Connect

A weekly online forum where members learn to apply the CFO mindset to the products/services they develop, sell, and purchase. Designed to be participatory, attendees will test their ability to assess marketing and product design against a professional CFO “audit” of the same marketing materials and products – the audits are primarily conducted through an “engine” that produces scores based on CFO business logic.

Value to Members and Participants

  • HR Tech Vendors: The CFO Channel is where vendors learn what the most influential “link” in the decision chain wants and needs to approve a purchase.
  • CHROs: How to build strong working relationships with finance, enabling them to get buy-in on the initiatives and tools they need to be successful.   
  • CFOs: How they can work with HR and HR technologies to get a return on the organization’s largest investment: their people. 

Built on the HR Tech Alliances Platform

The CFO Channel leverages the functionality and reliability of the HRTA Platform, the “go-to” hub for information sharing/collaboration in the HR tech community since 2013.

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