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Influence Marketing Management for HR Tech

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Getting to "Exactly!"

A “good lead” gets you to the right person. A “great lead” gets you to the right person at the right time.

It’s the difference between getting someone to take your call, and someone ready to listen. It’s the difference between a polite conversation and getting to the “aha moment” – you’ve identified their pain (“exactly!”), anticipated their questions (“exactly!!“), have all the answers (“exactly!!!”) and your timing couldn’t have been better (“what’s taken you so long?”).

They’ll Think You’re Reading Their Mind… When You’re Simply Reading Our Latest Buy Sign™ Report.

We deliver “high value” leads that systemically lead to sales. And add value to leads you’ve acquired but haven’t had a high level of success converting. 

We provide actionable intel on your competitors—up-to-date info on their customer base, including recent customer “deletions,” contract renewal campaigns, and where they are in the buying cycle.

This enables you to prioritize your prospects and properly align the content and cadence of your messaging—allowing you to engage, build trust, and deliver a pointed sales message when they’re ready to buy.

Program Components

Leads (Objective)

2 (Deliverable)

Results (Sales, Growth)

Shorten the Path Between a Lead and a Sale

Buy Sign Reports and Customized Alerts

Focus on High Intent Buyers

Pipeline Building and Curation

Reports Identifying Active and Passive Leads

Targeted Lead Gen and Outreach

Partner Intent

Establishing Compatibility, Identifying Partner Intent Signals

High Value Technology and Sales Partners

Sales Enablement: Process Management

Marketing/Sales Audit. "Anatomy" of Lost Sales

Fix Internal Processes to Maximize Return on Leads

Sales Enablement: Funnel Development

Marketing/PR/Sales Enablement Services

Raising Awareness/Interest, Leads2Decision

Maximize Return on Events

Trade Show Support (Onsite and Virtual)

More Onsite/Virtual Meetings, Qualified Leads

Account Management

HR tech sales/marketing experts to manage all phases  

The right technology/marketing partnerships; repeatable processes that drive business growth.   

All components are customizable. 

Competitive Intel ⇒ Timely Outreach ⇒ Fine-tuned Messaging ⇒ Agile Sales Teams ⇒ Systematic Success 

Our technology and market intelligence teams get you there exactly on time by bringing a granular knowledge of HR buyer pain points and near-perfect timing.

Our communications team works hand-in-glove with our market intelligence team, ensuring that your messaging is smart, informed, timely, consistent, and impactful.

◊ Our influencer network – analysts, fellow vendors, HR professionals – “stress tests” your products, services, and messaging, minimizing costly go-to-market mistakes…and reality-checks them to allow you to course-correct if/when necessary.

Companies Our Team Has Supported Include: 

⇐ Challenge Us

All roads begin with what we know – real-time intel on and analysis of your competitors, their  vulnerabilities, their customer base, when contracts are expiring, and when they’re “in play.”

All roads lead to results—the right opportunities, the right timing, and the right partners…enabling you to convert more leads into more sales.

But don’t take our word for it – test us! Select a question from the drop-down on the adjacent form. Give us 24–48 hours, and we’ll deliver a sample report that shows exactly the kind of intel and analysis that will get you to exactly!!!

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